Furniture removal companies South Africa

For the best in moving solutions you can trust A&B movers – professionals in the moving business getting you from point A to point B. As professionals in the business with years of experience we simplify moving for you as we know the ins and out of this stressful procedure. Through the countless moves that we have done for people we have mastered the skills moving swiftly. We have encountered all the hurdles or obstacles along the way that make this experience so stressful and difficult for those moving. We have taken the challenges that are often faced and tried our very best counter those problems with some solutions that work well.

Getting your goods from one place to another requires strenuous work of lifting and shifting of heavy items that could lead to injury and therefore have man power of our dedicated staff to conquer that for you. The actual transportation for your valuables have been provided so that there is sufficient amount of space to eliminate the number of trips taken to moving your stuff. Our transport is capable of holding a large and heavy capacity and are close to ensure no loss or damage of items. The Packaging materials you so often find yourself running from one place to another to find to pack or wrap and protect your items are all available under one roof.

Booking our services have never been so easy as we are online, and for the sake of confusion we went one step further and provide one of our knowledgeable professionals to come to the sight to make a list of inventory and include any assembling and disassembling problems that might occur and account for that so both parties are clear on where they stand when moving items through difficult nooks and crannies. The services we provide further extend to providing storage facilities for those who might need them, where we can if need be transport good to the facility until it can be on its way to the actual Location. We offer insurance on items while in transit you never know what could happen and give our clients piece of mind they have the option to ensure their valuables. We do local and international Furniture Removals South Africa which means that we are not restricted to assist you in any move be it relocation to another country. We are rest assured to provide you with the best moving service at affordable pricing.

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